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Back Then: Campus Radio

In the history of the university, there were and still are various ideas for a student radio show

Campus Life

“We welcome you to CampusRadio on Radio Bremen 2.” With these words, Harro Zimmerman, as chief editor, opened the joint radio show of the universities of Bremen and Oldenburg in April 1994. This type of cooperation with a radio station was unique in the German university landscape. Radio Bremen hoped for new, young listeners and the universities wanted to improve the flow of information to the towns and region.

The weekly magazine on the cultural Radio Bremen 2 station reported for one hour on current and historic topics, “which had to do with the goings-on at both universities”: research and teaching, cultural and political affairs, everyday study life and the lives of students, career prospects and staff, “university reform and stagnation.” As the producers further explained in the frame of a profile for the Der Spiegel weekly magazine in 2001, the show was impartial and independent. “It is not a student radio show yet it is also not the extended mouthpiece of the university management.”

Studios guests for the pilot show on April 13, 1994: The presidents and AStA Student Union chairpersons of the universities Bremen and Oldenburg (from the right): Professor Jürgen Timm (Bremen), Hanna Naber (Oldenburg), Antje Matthies (Bremen), Professor Michael Daxner (Oldenburg), and presented Harro Zimmermann (Radio Bremen).
©Eva-Maria Kulke

Excerpt from the first show on April 13, 1994.

Duration: 1:55 // file site: 4531 kB © Radio Bremen, 1994 production

The press officers of both universities, Gerhard Harms and Eberhard Scholz, worked closely together on the planning and production of the shows. Editing and music choices were the responsibility of Radio Bremen. Students interested in radio and from May 1995, also participants of the Journalist School Campus Radio created the show contributions. The journalism school comprised a one-year advanced training course at the University of Oldenburg, which was funded by Oldenburg Job Center. Many of the graduates later found jobs in the media industry.

CampusRadio was discontinued in October 2001. The reason for this was the deactivation of Radio Bremen 2. Nordwestradio, a cooperation project with NDR, replaced the station.

“From Students for Students”

In 2005, the Project Campus Radio Bremen course within Faculty 9 led to a new radio show at the University of Bremen, which was characterized more strongly by students. The journalist Klaus Jochims taught the foundations of producing radio shows. He had already been a part of the first university radio show as an editor for Radio Bremen.

One year of campus radio Bremen.

Excerpt from the interview with Klaus Jochims, editor at Nordwestradio and head of the university radio project.

Aired on March 1, 2006. Duration: 2:18 ©Archiv Universität Bremen, Christoph Terstiege, Klaus Joachims

Once a month, a two-hour magazine show was broadcast on the frequencies of Bürgerrundfunk Bremen. In 2006, the producers explained on the project website that the aim was to “establish campus radio in the long-term as a forum from students for students. At the same time, it can be the interface between the “university universe” and the world.” The main points of focus were higher education policy and science, everyday study life, and campus news. The program was developed and produced autonomously, creatively, and (self-) critically by course participants and dedicated students who enjoyed creating radio shows.

2012 campus radio postcard. They students not only designed and created the show but also the marketing materials and the website. Up until the discontinuation of the radio website in the summer of 2013, all show contributions were available to stream.
Universität Bremen

Dreams at the university

A contribution from Clemens Haug on students’ expectations and dreams. With quotes from Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vinnai.

Aired on August 3, 2005. Duration: 3:15 ©Archiv Universität Bremen, Clemens Haug, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vinnai

The decentralization of Bürgerrundfunk Bremen in 2010 resulted in the lack of a studio. The show subsequently broadcast from changing campus locations, which was a logistical and technical challenge. Despite the student’s success with the practically oriented format, the Cultural Sciences degree course abruptly stopped all support for the campus radio from the winter semester 2011/12 onwards due to new plans being made. The teaching position was not extended and equipment was demanded back. Several active members carried on, yet the last show was broadcast in January 2013.

Online but not On Air

Since the winter semester 2013/14, there is an internet radio project on Bremen’s campus – krosse.fm. Since then and under the leadership of Radio Bremen’s music editor, Christian Höltge (who was also involved in CampusRadio), and the sound technician Dietmar Gode, one to two magazine shows with innovative contributions – and not only about life on campus - have been created each semester. Have a listen!

Further Information:

The project website (URL: http://www.campusradio.uni-bremen.de) is stored in the openly accessible internet archive. Several of the audio files from the first years can be found and listened to via the wayback machine. The best overview is offered by snapshot from March 25, 2013. Many other recordings are in the University of Bremen Archive.

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