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“Building Bridges with YUFE in Times of Brexit”

Higher Education Policy

The University of Bremen and its partners are creating one of the first European universities. The Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) network has new representatives in its so called Student Forum, the student parliament.

Oral History: Living Memory

Campus Life

Oral history—that means history through the living memories of contemporary witnesses. And this is exactly what Dr. Heiko Garrelts from the university archive is interested in, especially in connection with the university’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

Good Teacher Education

Teaching & Studies

Future teaching staff are educated to become reflective practitioners at the University of Bremen

The Zoologist

Campus Life

Marko Rohlfs works on mold fungi and fruit flies in a laboratory

Award-Winning Sustainability


Julian Engel and Dr. Georg Pesch have something in common: They are committed to a sustainable future. Engel does this as a marine biologist and Pesch as an engineer. They were honored this year for exactly that.

On the Same Side

Teaching & Studies

The challenge of online teaching, part 2: Lecturers of natural and engineering sciences tell us more

In the Digital Tea Kitchen

Teaching & Studies

The challenge of online teaching, part 1: Lecturers of the humanities and social sciences tell us more

Digital Port Seminar

Teaching & Studies

Sebastian Möller intertwines academic content with everyday experiences

A Special Semester Project

University & Society

Susanne Gläß had to ask herself how one deals with an already planned choir and orchestra project

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