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The Ocean Floor under the Microscope


In order for the energy transition to succeed, offshore wind energy needs to be massively expanded. This is not possible without precise knowledge of the ground.

Moving to Bremen? You Can Live Here!

University & Society

Have you just started studying in Bremen and are still looking for a place to live? up2date. has everything you need to know about living in Bremen as a student.

University of Bremen Takes to The Stage

Campus Life

Whether it’s being spontaneous and creative, or coming out of your shell and not taking yourself too seriously – these are skills you can pick up in improvisational theater. Jana and Tobias show us the improv courses on offer at the University of Bremen.

Not Got a Place at the University Yet?

Teaching & Studies

From September 1 to 15, you can still apply for admission-restricted degrees courses and enroll for all non-restricted degree courses at the University of Bremen.

Tips for Organizing Your Studies

Campus Life

About 1,000 students contact the Psychological Counselling Centre of the Bremen Student Service Organization every year. A common topic during the semester: how to organize your studies.

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