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“Finding a Vaccine Is Difficult”

University & Society

An interview with Professor Andreas Dotzauer, the head of the Laboratory for Virus Research at the University of Bremen

“Like Being on Another Planet”


Gunnar Spreen spent three months on the Polarstern research vessel in the eternal ice. He answered a few of our questions and shared his experience in the Arctic.

A Smart Helmet for Bicycle Couriers


Researchers want to make the work of couriers on cargo bikes safer and more efficient with the development of an intelligent bicycle helmet.

Finally Semester Holidays!

Campus Life

The lecture-free period has begun and no student has to come to seminars and lectures. But what are they doing instead?

Have You Heard of…The Book Tower?

Campus Life

There is a great deal to be discovered on campus but what is the story behind it all? up2date. has collected the answers for all of you curious readers. Welcome to your tour of the campus!

Kale Alarm!

Campus Life

Waiting for the first frost is only interesting to many people because of one thing: It means that kale season is finally here!

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