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Have You Heard of... The Technical Glass Workshop?

Campus Life

There is a great deal to be discovered on campus but what is the story behind it all? up2date. has collected the answers for all of you curious readers. Welcome to a slightly different tour of the campus!

“Those Who Wanted, Could”

University & Society

The well-known economic scientist and professor Rudolf Hickel was part of the founding generation at the University of Bremen.

Climbing with Sensors


Every smartphone is packed full with sensors. The computer scientist Tom Koller is investigating their potential for bouldering.

New Findings with Data Train


They are heterogeneous, not always easy to handle, and are increasing by the second: data. Without it there is no new knowledge.

Tips for Organizing Your Studies

Campus Life

Around 1,200 students contact the Psychological Counselling Centre of the Bremen Student Service Organization every year. A common topic during the semester: how to organize your studies.

Artificial Intelligence in Nursing


How useful is the implementation of technology and artificial intelligence in nursing? What is possible? What is difficult? Researchers from the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research are working on finding answers.

And Then? Grab Opportunities

University & Society

In this series, we present Uni Bremen graduates and their careers. This time: Dr. Felix Wenk, a systems engineer for OHB in Bremen.

Mobile Networks of the Future


Communication engineers from the University of Bremen are researching and developing new mobile network systems

How Can I Finance My Studies?

Campus Life

You no longer have a student job, your BAföG loan is coming to an end, or you’re simply in a bit of a financial crisis - here are some tips on financing your degree

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