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Have You Heard of… the University Printing Service?

There is a great deal to be discovered on campus but what is the story behind it all? up2date. has collected the answers for all of you curious readers. Welcome to your tour of the campus!

Campus Life

We need to set one thing straight right away: Student theses cannot be copied here. You still need to go to a so-called copy shop for that. The Printing Service of the University of Bremen is not allowed to compete with private companies or create profit. The office is however, an all-round service provider for the university. It offers a comprehensive service spanning from consultations, which are becoming increasingly important, to the layout, and printing on environmentally friendly paper. “We make everything possible,” says the head Sergej Dorogi. The printing and media specialist has held this position for the past two and a half years. Together with his revision-happy team, he has changed a lot since then.

Head of the Printing Service Sergej Dorogi: “We make everything possible.”
© Philipp Batelka / Universität Bremen

“The Team Is Right”

Transparency, light rooms, light and air, green plants, impressive machines, and friendly staff: That is how the service provider presents itself on the second level of the maintenance depot’s side wing. “The first thing we did was to get rid of five tons of old material,” smirks Dorogi. What exactly motivated him to leave the renowned Oldenburg company CEWE (we all know it: “My photo book, my life”) and come to the campus, despite the fact that he had already climbed a few rungs of the career ladder in Lower Saxony’s third largest town?

Firstly, personal reasons. Secondly, the interest in building and creating something. “I noticed straight away during the interview that the team is right.” The 32-year-old describes his people as being an “interesting mix of young creatives and long-term staff with lots of experience.” They complement each other perfectly.

Layout for the Customer

The printing office’s output has doubled in the last two years. Changes in this sector no longer happen gradually but quickly, like in time lapse. Offset printing has become digital printing, creative graphic design and media design are playing an increasingly important role. Five of the ten staff members work solely in this area. They sit in front of big screens with the apple with a bite missing on them. Olga Schreiner and Katharina Mehlert are creating a brochure for the Faculty of Human and Health Sciences during our tour. “Patient participation in clinical research” is the topic given by the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Science. The customers from the university are in good hands here.

The Smell of Paper

During our tour, the broad range of products that the Printing Service covers becomes clear. Business cards, postcards, folded cards, invitations, letter heads, event folders, and much more is stored on the well-organized shelves and it all emits the wonderful smell of paper. Peter Magura, who has been an offset printer for more than 30 years, is accurately putting letter paper into the cutting machine. As little as possible is thrown away and the printing team makes little notepads from the remains. They are then gifted to daycare centers and are well-received as coloring books there.

The Daimler of the Printing Machines

The eye-catcher in the machine room is a classic. “Heidelberg” is the name of the old girl of offset printing, who continues to do her job. The precision machine from the city on the Neckar river has been stood in this room for 30 years explains Peter Magura. “She is the Daimler of the printing machines,” he says lovingly. “If she tries really hard, she manages to do 4000 sheets per hour.” The newest acquisitions in the long room, which were made possible through self-financing, come from the Japanese company Ricoh. The largest digital printer was purchased at the beginning of the year. “140 pages per minute, four colors, each page different,” is how Dorogi summarizes the power hidden in the elegant, gray casing.

The Daimler of the printing machines.
© Philipp Batelka / Universität Bremen

What Many People Do Not Know

Professional consulting is taking up more and more time in the university’s in-house printing office. “Not only for design and layout for flyers and brochures,” underscores the boss. “We also acquire quotes from external service providers and help the customer in this way when the contract volume exceeds our capacities.” As is also the case with paper deliveries, a big focus is placed on regional service providers and – it goes without saying – on sustainability. What many people do not know: The Printing Service also does unusual things. “T-shirts, sweets, balloons, we print on everything,” laughs Dorogi.


Further information can be found on the website www.uni-bremen.de/druckerei (in German).

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