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“Prachi Dadhich Is a Bridge Builder”

Each year, international universities in Germany award the DAAD Prize. The award from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is endowed with 1,000 euros. At the University of Bremen, the Indian student Prachi Dadhich was honored.

Campus Life

Whoever meets Prachi Dadhich is greeted with a warm smile. The 23-year-old stands out with her open manner. Her professor, Marko Rohlfs, from the Faculty of Biology/Chemistry confirms this. Moreover, the 23-year-old is an outstanding early-career researcher. In the frame of her master’s thesis, the student of the international master’s program in ecology is working on the problem of insect pests that are infesting several types of fruit in Africa. Her interest for science was sparked during her bachelor’s degree: Since then, she has regularly been publishing her work on other ecological topics in scientific online magazines.

In December 2019, Prachi Dadhich received the DAAD Prize as recognition of her scientific work and her outstanding commitment. Photo credit: Ali Matar

“So that People Settle Well in Bremen”

Prachi Dadhich is a very committed voluntary worker in the Indian Students Association in Bremen. For example, the student supports fellow students from her home country who have begun to study at the University of Bremen. “This work is extremely important so that people settle well in Bremen and feel happy here,” according to Rohlfs. “Prachi Dadhich is a bridge builder.”

Jury Was Won Over

One can assume that the Professor Rohlf’s decision to nominate the young woman for the DAAD Prize 2019 at the University of Bremen was not a difficult one – and she won over the jury. The prize was presented to the young student by the vice president international & diversity, Professor Eva Feichtner, during the Christmas party of the University of Bremen International Office – the “Christmas Jamboree.” In his laudation at the celebration in the GW2 cafeteria on December 4, 2019, Rohlfs stated; “What makes Prachi Dadhich suitable for this award is her character and her scientific dedication.”

The DAAD Prize

Shortly before Christmas each year, the DAAD Prize is presented by the vice president international & diversity, Professor Eva Feichtner, and the International Office in the frame of a festive Christmas jamboree. The event honors members and cooperation partners of the university who have actively and enthusiastically participated in the internationalization of the university.

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