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Still Feeling Unsure About Your Studies? You Won’t Be for Long!

Orientation week begins on October 9.

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Whether you just finished your schooling or have already completed an apprenticeship – studying is a new beginning. Everything is different and exciting, but also a bit confusing. You don’t know anyone, don’t know what is expected of you, and you have no idea how you should even begin to figure this out.

Fortunately, the university offers an orientation week.

Shortly before the semester begins, upper-level students help you to navigate student life. They will introduce you to your degree program, help you create a schedule, and introduce you to your instructors and study advisors. All kinds of questions are welcome here – what is a seminar? Why do I need the library? Will I get full in the Mensa cafeteria?

Above all, you’ll get to know many people very quickly.

Almost all first-year students are looking for contact and conversations. The orientation week offers the perfect opportunity for getting to know each other. Whether by visiting interesting institutes, participating in fire drills, or nightly pub visits – the colorful and varied program offers plenty to talk about.

Participation is not mandatory.

The entire program is voluntary. If you like, you can start your studies without participating in orientation week. But in all honesty, we wouldn’t recommend doing so. You’ll have a much easier time starting your studies if you already know your way around.

Orientation week is organized by the StugA (student representatives of your degree program).

Every faculty has its own student body representatives, named StugA. Students work together in these committees to take an active role in shaping the degree programs. The StugA is there to assist you, keep close contact to the teaching staff members, and represent your interests in faculty committees. In addition to orientation week, the StugA team also organizes other group activities and legendary parties.

Jana is studying Public Health / Health Sciences at the University of Bremen.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen

You might be interested in joining StugA like Jana did.

“I enjoyed my own orientation week so much that I have been active in StugA since my first semester. I wanted to pass on this great experience, help develop cool ideas, and have fun as part of the team. I strongly believe that the excitement we bring to orientation week carries over to the first-year students.”

We look forward to seeing you on October 9, 2023!

The orientation week will begin on October 9 with introductions to individual study programs. You will learn everything about the structure of your degree program, along with the respective expectations and content, the examination regulations, and all other important information. Of particular interest is that you’ll meet the professors, scientific researchers, and students of your prospective study program.

Register now for sports and language courses!

The university sports club and campus language center offer numerous opportunities to make good use of any gaps in your schedule. Despite the large range of courses on offer, there is also a high demand, which is why we recommend registering early.

Exercising and relaxing from A to Z

Choose from over 100 well-known and lesser-known sports – from acrobatics and aikido to lindy hop and ultimate frisbee to windsurfing and Zumba. For more information, visit the university sports website.

Understanding the world from A to Z

Choose from up to 20 languages from Arabic to English to Turkish. A total of 250 courses cover varying levels of proficiency. For information about all the courses, visit the website of the Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen – SZHB.


This text was first published in the Ersti-Magazin. This brochure contains several helpful tips for first-year students about beginning their studies and the current semester. You can also find out directly from students at the University of Bremen where they like to study on campus, what student life is like, and what activities they are involved in. The magazine is available in print on campus and online as a PDF (in German only).

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