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Year of Science: Kick-Off with “Fake News”

In 2020, Bremen is celebrating science

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Until September, many events in the city will take place under the motto “PHENOMENAL 2020 – Discover Bremen. Meet Science.” The first event with interactive exhibits that help to differentiate between facts and fake news will take place in the Universum.

The “Real not Fake – How Science Works” exhibition in the Universum Science Center will show how scientists work and what they do to gain reliable and understandable results. Visitors can profit from this: With the help of interactive exhibits and thought experiments, they will find out how to better judge the quality of scientific statements and publications. The exhibition is open until May 3.

Place your votes! The exhibition guests can express their own attitudes towards and opinions of science.
Photo credit: Universum® Bremen

A Year for Science

The start of the exhibition is also the kick-off of the PHENOMENAL 2020 theme year in Bremen, which will offer insights into Bremen as a scientific location. Everyone who is curious has the chance to take a rare look behind the scenes of Bremen’s scientific institutes and universities.

Of course, the University of Bremen is also taking part. Amongst other things, visitors can learn about technologies of the future. The program is continually growing and you can take a first look thanks to Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen. You can also find information on Facebook or Twitter with the #bremenphenomenal hashtag.

The interactive exhibits within the additional “Real not Fake – How Science Works” exhibition provide insights into the workings of empirical science.
Photo credits: Universum® Bremen

First City of Science

Incidentally, Bremen and Bremerhaven were the first ever “City of Science”. The title was given to the smallest German state in 2004 for the outstanding interlinking of science and city life. The close cooperation between the universities and research institutes is still visible 15 years later.

You want to contribute to Bremen’s Year of Science?

Then contact Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen.

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