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Doubts Regarding Your Degree Choice? Guidance Centers Offer Help

The Central Student Advisory Service, the Psychological Counselling Center, and the Career Center can help you find the underlying cause of your doubts

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Especially towards the end of the semester with finals approaching, uncertainty can often arise, leaving students to wonder if the degree they are pursuing is right for them. Various counseling centers at the University of Bremen offer support if you are thinking about changing or discontinuing your degree program.

Pursuing a degree usually means that exams, long study sessions, and stressful phases are inevitable. Even though these circumstances can be difficult, you should generally enjoy the subject of study. After all, you want to build your future on it. However, especially at the beginning of your degree, doubts can arise: Did I choose the right degree program? Will I be able to complete my degree? Will I be able to find a job in that field? The best way to counter these fears is to try it out – delve into your studies, gain new experiences, and take advantage of all opportunities that come your way.

What if going to the university feels like torture?

At the latest when it gets to that point, it is time to find the underlying cause for this displeasure. Is this a phase or a permanent state? How difficult is it for you to attend the courses and follow the content? How much do you have to force yourself to study? The more honest you are with yourself, the better your ability to counteract this in a timely matter will be.

The Central Student Advisory Service is here for you

Confidential, free of charge, and available for you, even if your doubts are still scattered and vague – the advisors will help you sort through your thoughts, evaluate them, and come to a decision. Regardless of whether you end up choosing to continue, change, or discontinue your degree.

Other guidance centers on campus can also help

The team of the Psychological Counselling Centre and Social Counselling of the Studierendenwerk Bremen (shortened to PBS based on the German initials) is there to assist you with study-related and personal problems. The PBS will provide advice specific to your situation and support you in finding solutions. Together with the advisors, you can find the underlying cause of your doubts.

The Career Center, a joint institution of the University of Bremen and the Bremen-Bremerhaven branch of the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit), offers a comprehensive range of services for those seeking advice on studying and careers. The Career Center team advises, among other things, on the choice of a suitable degree program, professional goal-setting, and individual qualification.

Tips for overcoming doubts regarding your degree

Do not compare yourself to others. You will always find someone who is better than you are. Limit rumination and negative thought spirals. Instead, take some time off to calmly re-evaluate your degree program decision. Question your doubts. Is it the pressure to perform or the amount of material to learn that seems unbearable? Is your interest in the field of study waning? Was your idea of what studying would be like different from reality or are you lacking a perspective for the future? Talking helps. Write down your doubts and discuss them with parents, friends, and fellow students. Seek good counsel early on. The guidance centers are there for you and can help you to gain clarity. Recognize your strengths. Ask yourself what you are good at and what makes you happy. You can best assess what it is you really want to study.

Guidance Center Contact Information

Central Student Advisory Office

You can either book a consultation appointment with the ZSB or visit them during their zoom or in-person office hours. Appointments can be made via the website of the Central Student Advisory Service. Otherwise, you can also reach the team by phone at 0421 218-61160 or by e-mail zsb@uni-bremen.de. Further information is provided on the website for changing your degree choice.

Psychological Counselling Centre and Social Counselling of the Studierendenwerk Bremen

The Psychological Counselling Centre (PBS) can be reached by email at pbs@stw-bremen.de or by telephone at 0421 22 01 – 113 10. The exact counseling times are listed on the website of the Studentenwerk Bremen. In addition to in-person consultations, PBS also offers video-based, telephone, and online consultations. The Psychological Counselling Centre services are offered free of charge to students at the university and higher education institutions in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Career Center

The Career Center can be reached at career1@uni-bremen.de. You can find more information about their services on the Career Center website.

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