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Finally Semester Holidays!

The lecture-free period has begun and no student has to come to seminars and lectures. But what are they doing instead?

Campus Life

Most people associate holidays with free time and lie-ins. But what are the University of Bremen students doing in their holidays? Does the lecture-free period actually equate to free time? We asked them what their plans for the semester holidays are.

“Completing my exams firstly.” The majority of the students at the University of Bremen plan to write their term papers and revise for their exams during the lecture-free period.

The time during which the students are not tied to schedules at the university is also often used to make money. Much like Liz is doing. She is working at Mercedes during the semester holidays so that she can earn money to buy herself a Vespa.

Adrian on the other hand is devoting his free time to music and is spending the lecture-free period as a pop singer in his recording studio.

And of course, some of the students want to go on holiday. Some of them will look for a nice destination spontaneously and others, such as Corwin and Lena, have already booked and are looking forward to their skiing trip. Despite the long semester holidays, there appears no to be chance of boredom being an issue.

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