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Have You Heard of... the GW2 Bakery Store?

From special rolls to coconut yogurt: Bremen Student Services Organisation has expanded its offerings

Campus Life

Life is slowly returning to campus. In preparation for the in-person summer semester, the Student Services Organisation opened a bakery store in GW2 Building at the beginning of March. What they offer is already proving popular - more people are stopping by for a snack every day.

“It’s so good to have you guys back,” says the man in the red sweater as he hands his change over the counter. Olaf Behlke, deputy operations manager of the cafeteria at Bremen Student Services Organisation, smiles back. “Believe me, we’re also happy that things are finally starting up again,” he assures his customer.

The joy on the faces of the Student Services Organisation employees standing behind the counter of the newly opened bakery store this morning is clear to see. And where the organisation’s vending machines used to be, you can now find - like an island in the previously rather desolate GW2 - a brightly lit, wooden counter behind which people are laughing and joking.

Kundin wird im Backshop bedient
And what would you like for dessert? Customer Julia Holz needs a moment to get her bearings.
© Universität Bremen

“The staff are very happy to be able to work here again. We all really missed it,” says Behlke. The closure of the popular GW2 cafeteria two years ago due to the pandemic was a hard blow. So it’s all the nicer that things are continuing here again - even if the range of products in the bakery store is naturally not the same as in the former cafeteria. Instead of the typical “GW2 bowl, there is now falafel to take away, as well as delicious pizza slices, and - the big hit - the special rolls such as the pumpkin roll with hummus, tomato focaccia, or a panino with chicken. In addition, there are various salads in jars, dessert variations that change daily, and fresh coffee in every conceivable form.

Anke Grupe-Markschat, head of university catering at the Bremen Student Services Organisation, explains the concept: “The new bakery store, with its range of sandwiches and coffee specialties, cakes, salads, and other snacks means we are able to better cover the off-peak times in the morning and evening for our guests.” This also has many organizational advantages for the Student Services Organisation. Another benefit is that the vending machines are now closer to the students, who tend to spend more time at the learning islands in block B of GW2 Building.

Reich gefüllte Auslage Backshop
The appealing ambience of the new bakery store already attracted many customers in the first few days.
© Universität Bremen

When the bakery store opens at 7:45 a.m., there is a particularly large selection of rolls - just in time for breakfast. Then, starting at 11 a.m., the specialty rolls and hot snacks are added. Behlke says everything vegan is doing particularly well. The “Laugenecke” rolls are also very popular, as are the normal salads and couscous salads.

He and his team are visibly looking forward to the coming in-person semester. The opening hours will most probably be extended then.

Further Information:

The bakery store is located next to the cafeteria, which is still closed, on the bottom floor of GW2 Building - where the vending machines used to be. These have now been moved to block B of GW2 Building. For now, the bakery store is open Monday through Thursday from 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m., and from 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. You can either pay in cash or with your Mensa card. A vending machine for putting credit on your card is just around the corner.

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