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“Kunstrausch revisited” – Students Plan a Cultural Event

Together with the Kunsthalle Bremen museum, students from the University of Bremen are creating a colorful, cultural event for a young audience as part of a seminar

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In the class “Kunstrausch revisited”, participants can acquire credit points for General Studies and also gain a deep insight into event and project management. Whilst autonomously planning a cultural event, they work in teams in different areas such as art communication, marketing, and PR. Staff from the Kunsthalle Bremen museum accompany them as advisors. The students Gönna Jensen and Alena Weiß tell us of their experiences in the practically-oriented seminar.

The event format is explicitly aimed at a young audience and aims to awaken their interest in museums as a social place. On the special evening at the start of 2020 there were drinks, concerts, a DJ set, and karaoke in the Kunsthalle Bremen museum. Due to the current situation the fourth “Kunstrausch” event, which was planned to take place in spring 20201, will not be able to be held with the usual 2,000 people. The students must now develop a new concept under corona regulations – “Kunstrausch revisited”! The thematic focus of the event is placed on the new presentation of the museum’s collection, which has been on display since this year under the title 20/20 Vision: The Collection Remixed.

From Students for Students

The “Kunstrausch revisited” seminar is being held by Gönna Jensen in the winter semester 2020/21. She is in the sixth semester of studying Art – Media – Aesthetic Education and Social/Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen and took part in the seminar last winter semester. The practical experience that she gained as a participant in the project is what she will now pass on as a tutor.

“I am interested to see how we will redefine the event in this year based on the current corona regulations,” explains the student, who also offered exhibition tours as a part of “Kunstrausch 2020”.

Gönna Jensen and her fellow students will receive support from various experts. Sandra Kavazis and Hartwig Dingfelder from the department of education and communication at the Kunsthalle Bremen museum will take on the seminar leadership. Jasmin Mickein from the PR department will also share her expert knowledge with the students and will aid them with their concepts.

The participants of the “Kunstrausch” seminar in the winter semester 2019/20.
© Isabel Weiss

In the project last winter semester, the students in the seminar split themselves up into different groups – an organizational group, an art communication group, and a PR group. Alena Weiß studies Social/Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies and also Communication and Media Studies and was part of the PR group. She was responsible for posters, stickers, flyers, and postcards. She also created the editorial plan for the museum’s social media accounts and helped with the official press release.

Profiting from Practical Experience

Alena Weiß and her fellow pupils were also responsible for sponsoring and media partners. They started a radio campaign for Kunstrausch and created an influencer cooperation together with an agency.

The participants profit from the practical experience in different ways. “For example, it resulted in me getting an internship with the agency with which we worked on Kunstrausch,” tells us Alena Weiß. She is currently completing the internship, which is obligatory as part of her degree, there. “I had hardly any prior experience in event planning and implementation – that is why I learnt the most in that area. But I was also able to learn more in the fields of PR and marketing,” she remembers. “In terms of my career, it was very rewarding to be able to take a look at the work of the Kunsthalle Bremen museum!”

Further Information:

Students can register for the “Kunstrausch revisited” seminar via Stud.IP.

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