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Studying with Family Responsibilities? You Can Get Help Here.

How the university supports students with family responsibilities

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Studying and looking after your family at the same time? Not an issue. Regardless of whether you’re already a mum or dad, having a baby during your studies, or taking on other care responsibilities, it doesn’t have to interfere with your studies. All you need is determination, patience, and good organization. Various entities at the university are on hand to help you achieve this.

Your Central Point of Contact: the Family Care Office

The counselors at the Family Care Office are familiar with registering a pregnancy and with childcare services at the university. They also organize a regular meetup for people who care for relatives. They know exactly how you can reconcile family and study in any situation.

Familiy-Friendly University working group

In the working group, you will meet students who also have family responsibilities. They organize events for students who are parents, promote dialogue, and support you in the event of problems.

Flexible Study Plans

Don’t worry about your study plan for the time being. If necessary, you can also postpone the individual modules to another semester. The Academic Advisory Offices offer advice in this regard. A semester break due to parental leave is also possible.

Family-Friendly Places on Campus

Whether changing tables, breastfeeding rooms, or family retreat rooms, childcare facilities, a café for parents, or get-togethers for expectant mothers, play areas in the cafeteria and library, free food, or a swapping platform for kid-related items – students with children are very welcome at the University of Bremen.

Helpful Links

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