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University of Bremen Takes to The Stage

Whether it’s being spontaneous and creative, or coming out of your shell and not taking yourself too seriously – these are skills you can pick up in improvisational theater. Jana and Tobias show us the improv courses on offer at the University of Bremen.

Campus Life

[e.V.]: Registered Association **There were 16 places up for grabs on the athletic association’s improv course in the summer semester of 2022 – anyone who wanted to sign up had to be quick. Those who were unsuccessful ended up on a waiting list, prompting the Verein für Hochschulsport e.V. to offer a second course.

The course was run by 23-year-old Jana Knösel, who is studying Transnational Literary Studies and discovered improv through the athletic association. She then attended further classes at Bremen’s AMS!-Theater, becoming a course instructor in this field.

Jana teaches the art of long-form improv, a discipline that allows you to build suspense and develop characters with depth over the course of 20 minutes or a longer period of time. She got to know this format at Tobias Sailer’s theater workshop. This class is offered as part of the English-Speaking Cultures degree course under Faculty 10: Linguistics and Literary Studies.

Tobias is a 41-year-old improv teacher and actor, who is currently doing his doctorate on the language of improvisation in the field of linguistics at Heidelberg University. As a student at the University of Bremen, he attended the course himself, which he has been running since 2019. In many degree courses, this can be credited through the General Studies program, culminating in a final show in front of an audience. “A number of the performers are sometimes in the mood for more acting after the course and end up at the AMS!-Theater,” says Tobias.

Both Jana and Tobias are active there, running courses and performing in improv teams. This means the athletics association’s improv theater program and the AMS!-Theater enjoy close ties, as can be seen in their artistic and political orientation. Both places want to create a space free from racism and discrimination where everyone can feel comfortable.

Jana will once again offer a course in the coming winter semester, although no exact date has been set; the Verein für Hochschulsport e.V. will provide information about the courses for the coming winter semesters. The final show of Tobias’ course will take place on October 2 at the AMS!-Theater, with the group going by the name “Plot Twisters.” The theater workshop for the English-Speaking Cultures degree course will be taking place once again next semester.

If you have a keen interest in theater, you should consider getting the Kultursemesterticket. The ticket is part of the semester fee for the University of Bremen and provides access to a wide range of activities from the Bremen art and culture scene.

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Program for the Verein für Hochschulsport e.V.

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