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What Else Is Going on at the University?

You can volunteer, develop your talents, and pursue hobbies

Campus Life / Starting Your Degree

Whether it’s playing volleyball in a university sports class, playing in the orchestra, or volunteering to help other students, there are many opportunities at the University of Bremen for you to get involved. Here is a selection:

Ways to Gain Meaningful Experience

Student guides

As of the second semester, you can pass on your knowledge about the university experience to prospective students. You can share your insights about university life and help them with orientation.

Jasmin in front of a red background.
Jasmin is studying to become a primary school teacher and volunteers as a student guide.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen

“I am a student guide because when I started my studies I was completely overwhelmed and wished I would have had someone at my side to show me everything and take away the fear of the great ‘unknown.’” Jasmin

Study buddy

As a study buddy, you help international students to find their way around the university and Bremen. The placement is made based on common interests and study subjects.

AStA German courses (available in German only)

Can you picture yourself as a German teacher? The AStA organizes free German courses at various difficulty levels and is always looking for volunteer tutors.

Student business consulting “Active” (available in German only)

Jerôme was part of the student business consulting group “Active,” which consists completely of students, for the entire duration of his studies. The group’s consulting is primarily on a volunteer basis, but in some cases can lead to paid project work. However, Jerôme warns against viewing this work as a replacement for a part-time job. “The income is too inconsistent for that,” he said. “It was much more important for me to learn and practice a lot of different things: self-sufficiency, leadership responsibilities, and networking with people and companies.”

Combining Your Studies with a Part-Time Job

You will find jobs for student employees all over the university – for example, in the Central Student Advisory Service or the Student Office, in the Academy of Continuing Education and the International Office, as well as in all faculties and research institutes. You can find job postings on the Stud.IP bulletin board.

About half of all students have a part-time job. The advantages of working as a student employee at the university are unbeatable. You can look behind the scenes, have closer contact to current research topics, can integrate the job easily in your weekly schedule, and you earn money.

Sarah works as an editor for the CampusEULe (available in German only)

This is the only official blog of the University of Bremen that describes university life “Euer Uni-Leben” (EULe for short) from the students’ point of view. Everything that happens on campus and affects or interests you is addressed here – from questions about financing studies to tips for events. Sarah and her three colleagues research, write, film, and maintain communication on the social media channels of EULe.

Sarah in front of a red background.
Sarah is studying Biology at the University of Bremen and works as an editor for the student blog “CampusEULe.”
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen

“I have a lot of artistic liberties and can set my own schedule. Also, I get to know a lot of new people and learn about new topics. Having a job as a student employee helps to really establish roots at the university.” Sarah

Develop Your Talents Freely

There is a wide variety of university groups for exploring and developing your talents. Keep your eyes and ears open to figure out which option is the best for you. Here is a small selection:

University of Bremen Orchestra and Choir

The choir holds regular rehearsals Mondays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and the orchestra rehearses Tuesdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Students can join in the first weeks of each winter or summer semester.

Theater of Assemblage (TdV)

Performance theater is at the intersection of education, science, and art. All methods of performance are combined to explore topics and questions that are only addressed theoretically in seminars. Students can also complete the additional study program Performance Studies in four semesters.

Verein für Hochschulsport e.V.” – University Sports

With the university sports program, students and external participants can take part in sports classes together. From capoeira to quidditch, there is something for everyone here, and there are many opportunities to explore unfamiliar forms of sport and exercise.


This text was first published in the Ersti-Magazin. This brochure contains several helpful tips for first-year students about beginning their studies and the current semester. You can also find out directly from students at the University of Bremen where they like to study on campus, what student life is like, and what activities they are involved in. The magazine is available in print on campus and online as a PDF (available in German only).

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