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Favorite Places to Study

Students told us where they prefer to study on campus

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If it is too noisy in your shared apartment or you want to continue working on homework between classes, there are many places on campus where you can focus and study alone or in groups. Students told us about their favorite places to study on campus.


“I especially like to study in MZH Building because there is a lot of daylight and you can eat during your breaks and watch campus life unfold before you.”

Alena is studying in the MZH building
Alena is a student in the Business Studies program at the University of Bremen.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen


“I like to sit in an empty seminar room to read between classes or wrap up work from a seminar. For group work I like to book one of the learning islands in the multimedia study rooms.”

Amal is sitting in a seminar room to study.
Amal is studying English-Speaking Cultures at the University of Bremen.
© Katrin Brünjes / Universität Bremen


“My favorite place to study is in the GW2 cafeteria. There’s a nice comfortable atmosphere there, and you can study or relax between classes.”

Ayleen is sitting in the cafeteria in GW2, her laptop is on the table
Ayleen is studying Sociology.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen


“My favorite study spot at the university is the third floor of the GW2. The wooden tables in front of the seminar rooms are perfect for sitting and chatting with fellow students without disturbing anyone else who is studying.”

Maryama is sitting with her laptop in GW2.
Maryama is studying Public Health and prefers to study in GW2 Building.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen


“The library is definitely my favorite place to study, since it provides the quiet that I need to concentrate and there isn’t anything there to distract me. I also prefer turning the pages of real books over exclusively looking at a screen.”

Jenny is holding a book in her hands while standing in the library.
Jenny is a student of German Studies and is able to concentrate best in the library.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen


“My favorite study spot is the university park. Here, in the comfortable red chairs, I am surrounded by nature and can enjoy the nice breeze while I drink coffee and read for classes.”

Zakir sits on one of the red Dickinson chairs on the university lawn.
Zakir is studying Control, Microsystems and Microelectronics at the University of Bremen.
© Amal Johns A. J. / Universität Bremen

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This text was first published in the Ersti-Magazin. This brochure contains several helpful tips for first-year students about beginning their studies and the current semester. You can also find out directly from students at the University of Bremen where they like to study on campus, what student life is like, and what activities they are involved in. The magazine is available in print on campus and online as a PDF (available in German only).

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