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Mensa at Home: Try This Recipe

Part 3: In October we’re once more recreating a recipe from the Bremen Student Services Organization

Campus Life

The Mensa cafeteria on the Boulevard has opened its doors again. However, due to the hygiene measures in place, only a small proportion of the usual visitors can enjoy the delicious lunches. Thanks to the third instalment of our “Mensa at Home” series, you can bring some of the Mensa cafeteria flair to your kitchen. What is on the menu this time? A colorful gnocchi skillet with capsicum, zucchini, and onions with a herb dip.

The recipe for the colorful gnocchi skillet with capsicum, zucchini, and onions with a herb dip:

Ingredients for four people:

For the dip:

The ingredients for the colorful gnocchi skillet.
© Alena Weiß / Universität Bremen

And this is how it’s done: Cook the gnocchi – in this case store-bought but you can of course make them yourselves – and let them cool. Wash the vegetables and cut them into cubes or any shape you desire. Fry the vegetables, add the gnocchi, mix, and add spices to taste.

Most of your preparation time will be taken up by chopping the vegetables.
© Alena Weiß / Universität Bremen

Finely chop the herbs for the dip. Then mix all ingredients in a bowl and add spices to taste. Present the dip together with the gnocchi.

That’s what it should look like at the end. Delicious!
© Alena Weiß / Universität Bremen

Bon Appetit!

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