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Is This Subject Still the Right One for Me?

If you have any doubts or would like to change your subject, you can ontact the Psychological Counseling Service, the Central Student Advisory Service, and the Career Center.

Teaching & Studies

After a few weeks at university, everything just happens by itself? Not for everyone. Some students struggle with their day-to-day lives and simply don’t get into their studies. Are you having a similar experience? Don’t panic – maybe you just picked the wrong subject.

The degree isn’t going as planned and you’re facing some initial setbacks. What your dream degree is is going in a completely different direction than you had imagined and you are doubting your own abilities. These and similar situations are not uncommon for freshmen. Maybe the chosen subject and your skills don’t fit together, or you simply don’t like this one particular course. Whatever reasons your problems and doubts might have, there are points of contact that can give you assistance.

The Psychological Counseling Service and the Social Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk Bremen as well as the Central Student Advisory Service and the Career Center of the University of Bremen offer assistance if you feel that your studies are not right for you.

The Psychological Counseling Service and Social Counseling Service Will Help in Case of Doubt

The team of the Psychological Counseling Service and Social Counseling Service of the SStudierendenwerk BremenPCS for short – sees itself as a point of contact for degree-related and personal problems. The PCS team will clarify your need for counseling with you and help you find solutions. Together with the counselors, you will get to the bottom of what is causing your doubts. Maybe there’s another underlying problem behind it or you just need time to get used to the situation. A talk with the PCS counseling team can help.

The Psychological Counseling Service and Social Counseling Service are located in the Central Campus Building of the University of Bremen, below the cafeteria. Appointments can be arranged by phone or on-site on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The counseling center can be reached at +49 421 2201-11310 or by email at pbs@stw-bremen.de. In addition to in-person counseling, PCS also offers video-assisted, telephone, and online counseling. The services of the PCS are available free of charge to students of the university and the universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The Central Student Advisory Service Is the First Point of Contact for Those Wishing to Change Their Subject

If you have decided to change your subject, there are a few things to consider. The Central Student Advisory Service can provide an overview of requirements, deadlines, and much more.

If you want to change your subject, you have to apply for the new degree program that you want to study. This can be done via the University of Bremen’s MOIN portal. However, it first has to be clarified if you can apply as an advanced learner or for the first semester. For the change to work, certain deadlines also have to be observed. The Central Student Advisory Service provides information and advice on all requirements and personal questions relating to the change of subject.

For example, you can book a consultation appointment or attend the open Zoom or face-to-face consultation. Appointments can be arranged via the website of the Central Student Advisory Service. Otherwise, you can also contact the team by telephone on +49 421 218-61160 or by email at zsb@uni-bremen.de. You can also find more information on the change of subject overview page.

The Career Center Provides Information on Further Options

The Career Center is a joint institution of the University of Bremen and the Bremen-Bremerhaven branch of the Federal Employment Agency offers a comprehensive range of services for those seeking counseling on studying and working. The Career Center team will advise you on choosing the right course of study, setting professional goals, and individual qualification. Together, you will find out which job profiles suit your talents. In addition to individual counseling, there are numerous events that will enable you to orient yourself professionally and develop your initial professional skills.

You can reach the Career Center by email at career1@uni-bremen.de. For more information on the offers, please visit the Career Center website.

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