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Where and in Which Type of Housing Do Bremen’s Students Live?

We asked which parts of the city are your favorites

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In the middle of a trendy district, close to the university, or surrounded by nature? We asked what city districts are most popular among students, where students actually live, and what aspects they like the most.

Based on the results of a survey in our Instagram account these are our students’ favorite city districts:

1st place: Neustadt

View of a colorful row of houses in a street in Bremen Neustadt.
The favorite city district based on our survey: Bremen Neustadt.
© detailfoto/Adobe Stock

Hip and trendy district with several pubs and restaurants. The view is characterized by typical old Bremen houses. Werdersee is in close proximity. With the tram, it only takes about five minutes to get to the city center and about half an hour to get to the university.

2nd place: Viertel (Steintor and Ostertor)

A view of the abandoned Sielwall intersection in the Bremen Viertel.
The Sielwall intersection in the Viertel is a favorite place to meet up.
© Danny/Adobe Stock

The Bremen “Viertel” is a lively district with an alternative and creative nightlife. There are many pubs, restaurants, and beautiful old Bremen houses here as well. The Viertel is right at the Weser river. It only takes a few minutes to get to the city center and about half an hour to get to the university.

3rd place: Horn-Lehe

Exterior view of a student residence during an event.
A Studierendenwerk student residence in Spittaler Street.
© Universität Bremen

There are not as many options for nightlife, but in exchange, you are close to campus. Horn-Lehe is a mixture of student residences, multi-party housing, and many single-family homes. Rhododendronpark and Bremen’s Blockland are not far from here. Getting to the city center takes about 25 minutes; going to the university takes about ten (depending on the starting point).

4th place: Findorff

A photo of Schlachthof in Findorff with Walle’s TV tower in the background.
Concerts and events regularly take place in the cultural center Schlachthof in Findorff.
© blende11.photo/Adobe Stock

Findorff is a calm, green city district with many students, short distances to Bürgerpark, and very good connections to the university campus. There are also many good restaurants and pubs. Going to the city center takes about 15 minutes; same as to the university.

5th place: Schwachhausen

View of a row of houses in Bremen-Schwachhausen.
Schwachhausen is home to a particularly large number of beautiful old Bremen houses.
© ¡zenzen!/Adobe Stock

Located between the university and the city center, chic old Bremen houses and restaurants dominate the scene. This city district can be described as prosperous and calm. By tram, it takes about ten minutes to get to either the campus or the city center.

6th place: Walle

Exterior view of the Roland mill.
Well-known Walle landmark: the Roland mill.
© Lena Wenke

Walle is a vibrant and diverse city district with frequent cultural events and a large share of students. There are also many pubs and restaurants. It takes roughly 15 minutes to get to the city center and 25 to the university.

Where and in Which Type of Housing Do Students Actually Live?

In addition to asking what the most popular places to live are, we wanted to know where our Instagram student followers currently live and in which housing form: shared apartment, own apartment, or student housing. We were also interested in how they would describe their city district and what they like most about it.

Around half of those who responded said they live in a shared apartment, almost as many live in their own apartment, and just a few said they live in a student residence. Although Neustadt was listed as the favorite place to live, most of those who responded live in Horn-Lehe. Next comes Neustadt, and third place is shared between Findorff and Schwachhausen. Though rated the second-best place to live, only one of those who responded actually lives in Bremen’s Viertel.

What Aspects of Housing are Particularly Important?

A central location was especially important to the surveyed students. They also value nice architecture; proximity to green areas such as the Werdersee, the Weser, or Bürgerpark; a friendly atmosphere; and good infrastructure with many shops and cafés. Despite wishing to live in a central location, many place a high value on quietness and safety.

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