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“The Arctic Is Fascinating”

Campus Life

The academic mid-level sector in focus: Dr. Matthias Buschmann from the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)

The Apprenticeship Head

Campus Life

When Torsten Radeke from the Faculty of Mathematics / Computer Science talks about his apprentices, he has a lot of success stories to tell.

Oral History: Living Memory

Campus Life

Oral history—that means history through the living memories of contemporary witnesses. And this is exactly what Dr. Heiko Garrelts from the university archive is interested in, especially in connection with the university’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

The Zoologist

Campus Life

Marko Rohlfs works on mold fungi and fruit flies in a laboratory

Back Then: Campus Radio

Campus Life

In the history of the university, there were and still are various ideas for a student radio show

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